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Dungeons are one of the key features of Craftopia. When the detector starts beeping, it's a sign that you're getting close to a dangerous dungeon. Back to your basement to equip yourself, and then enter the dungeon hoping to find treasures. It changes its shape every time you enter. At the end of the dungeon, you will encounter bosses to fight.You will gain new abilities when you unleash the power of the world.


Dungeons are mini areas where you can find treasures, defeat enemies, kill the dungeon boss or just accomplish some quests. Dungeons in the game aren't only about killing, but also about doing skill quests —like easy races against time on hoverboards. At the beginning of the dungeons, you may find treasures, a NPC guide or just nothing. Move on to the next rooms until you get to the final room, where you can get a Slate of Growth to upgrade your character.

Dungeon Variants[]

the Dungeon variants are mostly visuals and only varies in bosses that appear. the variant are listed as follows:

Dungeon Name Description Visual Boss
Dungeon of Island 2 monster spawn rooms, 1 boss room, 7-12 chests, 2 secret rooms behind portals with a chest Midevil
Dungeon of Meadow
Dungeon of Wild
Royal Tomb 3 monster spawns, linear path with turns, boss room, 5-9 chests Egyptian
  • Stone Golem
  • Griffon of the Sky
  • Bouncer Lizard Gunner

Types of Trials[]

There are currently five types of Trials that can be completed:

Combat Oriented[]

The "default" dungeon of craftopia, usually referred to as the dungeon name itself. consist of several hallways with breakable barrels and pots, which contain Pepper, Cooking Oil, Vinegar, and Salt, and several treasure boxes. Players progress through the dungeon through opening locked doors that open after defeating a certain number of enemies within each area, sometimes requiring the monsters to respawn. Consistently shown to only have 2 chambers in each dungeon. At the end of the dungeon is the boss that needs to be defeated to exit the dungeon proper.

Speed Trial[]

is a dungeon where the goal is to reach the end of the room within a time limit. Hoverboards are provided, and the player needs to avoid the boost arrows that face backwards by jumping over them to get through into the final room.

Aiming Trial[]

is a dungeon which requires the player to destroy bullseye-painted balloons in order to proceed to the next room. There are several rooms and no time limit. While the balloons can be destroyed with a sword, long-range magic or a bow and arrow is highly recommended.

Ball Kicking Trial[]

is a dungeon which requires the player to hit a ball and bounce it into a pit in the middle of a lava pool. The ball will be destroyed upon falling into the lava, and will respawn almost immediately. There is no time limit and unlimited attempts.

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